EMIT provides small to medium EOCs an easy and reliable way to track incidents.

  • Tracks your incident
  • Notifies your people
  • Follows your process
  • Manages your reports
  • Easy to learn and use
  • Low maintenance
  • Affordable
  • Scalable & expandable

EMIT gives you the power to easily...

  • Track
  • Notify
  • Post
  • Announce
  • Log
  • Report
  • Upload
  • View
  • Manage Resources
  • Archive

Handles the Details so You Don’t Have To.

Created by EOC managers, EMIT was built to automate incident tracking tasks and help an emergency manager focus on the emergency by providing an easy-to-learn system that manages the most common incident logistics and operations processes.

Solution that frees you up to manage the emergency.

Trying to find a One-Stop Incident Tracking Tool?

Seamless Integration and Automation of Your Most Important Data.

Designed for the small to medium EOC, EMIT provides a system that collects Incident information, notifies your team, and guides you through the posting of reports and announcements. You and your team can make notes, log details, upload photos and documents, track the procurement, deployment and disposition of resources, then archive your reports.

Built on the Powerful Microsoft® SharePoint Platform.

EMIT leverages the power of Microsoft SharePoint to support a secure EOC notification and management approval process. Built-in workflows and communication help automate tasks and present information to the right people every time, so you can focus your attention on management and trust EMIT to take care of posting and notifications. And with tools designed to track the incident and support the work of teams, the EOC can be virtual or fully staffed.

EMIT can be installed on your existing SharePoint 2013 domain service, or purchased through the Microsoft Office 365 program (see system requirements for details).

Training Schedule

Training Date Last Date for Enrollment Register
1/20/2017 10-11 PST Register now
2/17/2017 10-11 PST Register now
3/17/2017 10-11 PST Register now
4/14/2017 10-11 PST Register now
5/19/2017 10-11 PST Register now
6/16/2017 10-11 PST Register now
7/21/2017 10-11 PST Register now
8/18/2017 10-11 PST Register now
9/15/2017 10-11 PST Register now
10/20/2017 10-11 PST Register now
11/17/2017 10-11 PST Register now
12/15/2017 10-11 PST Register now
Training On Demand

EMIT frequently asked questions

  • How does EMIT make my job easier?
      • EMIT provides for a simple posting of the incident and then makes your notifications for you. You select who you want to know when you enter new and/or updated information.
      • EMIT coordinates the chronological posting of SITREPS – you can edit, update or create a new SITREP.
      • EMIT directs key stakeholders to the site – you do not have to make phone calls, send out emails, worry about duplicates, outdated materials, or security of copies. You control who gets and sees your information just by posting.
      • EMIT saves you time and calls by notifying the appropriate parties needed for approvals for procurement of emergency resources and contracted services. It is all in the form.
      • EMIT holds your most important information ready when you need it – and collates it as you use it during an incident.
      • EMIT allows multiple points of entry for updates and messages – it brings what you need to you.
  • I don’t have a SharePoint server – can I use EMIT?
      • Yes – EMIT is built for the MS OFFICE 365 CLOUD based system. No need to buy SharePoint – you can leverage all the power of SharePoint with complete back-up on the cloud.
  • I don’t have a SharePoint administrator in my office. Will I be able to manage EMIT?
  • How many incidents can I have going on EMIT simultaneously?
  • I need to do other things, like schedule meetings and make announcements – does EMIT do this?
  • What if I want to add or change EMIT?
  • How many users can I have on EMIT?
      • EMIT operates on SharePoint which allows unlimited users – your user accounts are obtained from Microsoft.
  • I already have a SharePoint system on-premise at my agency – will EMIT operate on my system?
      • Yes, EMIT can be implemented on an on premise SharePoint and can also work as a hybrid with an on premise server to cloud back-up. Ask us about options.
  • I have never used SharePoint – how hard is it to learn?
      • SharePoint is very intuitive and operates on the same principles as other Microsoft Office applications. Most people learn how to use the tools on EMIT in an hour and know how to upload and download data after a few practice tries.
  • What if I need help or have questions?
      • Takouba will answer your emails and questions as you ask them. Just call or email and one of our staff will get back to you as soon as possible.
      • If you desire a more formal contract for support, ask for our level of services and pricing. We are here to support you.
  • Does Takouba provide other services for emergency management?
      • Yes we do. Takouba provides specialized consulting in emergency management, crisis management, business continuity, security, and training for public and private organizations. Ask us about our projects.